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Our Initial 2013 Yoga lineup with more TBA!


Yoga Lineup – 2013 schedule

Schedule below, For more details check out our Yoga Teacher Bios!

9am Yoga with Hawk
4pm  Chi Gong with Dave Mott
9am Yoga with Hawk
2pm Yoga with Dorcie
4pm Yoga with Tara
9am Yoga with Shipra
11am Yoga TBA
2pm Yoga with Persiana
4pm Open Yoga

Yoga is an important part of each Mystic event and our first NY Mystic event will be no exception! We will feature various modalities of yoga including…


Yoga with Persiana

offering: pranashama power vinyasa, classic vinyasa, thai yoga massage, pranayama, guided meditation/ yoga nidra

Drawing inspiration from modern dance and the body’s unique rhythms, Persiana’s classes are filled with fluidity and ease. Although alignment is reinforced, the way the student feels becomes more important than how the pose looks. With a combination of Vinyasa, meditation and core fusion, Persiana will help you get into your body, opening up your heart and expressing your individuality. Be prepared to sweat,…


Hawk – Raja Hatha Ashtanga Yoga according to Sri Dharma Mittra

Blending the most ancient traditional expression of Yoga with current cultural vibrational frequencies ~ Hawk offers an intense fusion based odyssey through movement, breath and sound…performing Siva Namaskara Vinyasa levels III & IV to heat up and ignite a Pranic infusion as we journey inward on vibrant Nadis of Light to the Luminous self within~


Minimal Yoga with Ashley Taylor

Minimal Yoga refers to the light ambient beats of electronic house music that correspond to the energy currents we generate through this yoga practice. This class will help you attune to the ever-present subtle energy body. By going inward and practicing compassion for your body, you can discover what yearns to be expressed.

This class is accessible to yogi/yoginis of all levels. For newcomers to yoga, you will be able to appreciate the practice of yoga without feeling…


Yoga-Inspired Playshop with Christopher and Lee

YUM! Because Om is so pre-2012! Join Christopher Ananda and Lee Welles as they lead you through a creative playground of music and movement.

Christopher and Lee also offer Wellness, yoga, stress-management and relaxation exercises in the workplace, conference room, and on corporate retreats

Utilizing yoga poses, partner tricks, group play dance and sense relaxation, they will take you to the unshakable happy that resides within.

The playshop opens with easy to remember take-home…


Yoga with Jamie Harris

I combine classical yoga alignment principles with a modern approach to fitness, including martial arts and athletic conditioning. I like to let the students decide how “different” it is

I offer:

Anusara, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Budokon

Yoga with Dorcie Gabrielle

Dorcie’s classes are alignment based. She feels that in order to fully feel a pose your alignment must be correct. While holding challenging poses students are encouraged to breath with their whole bodies!

The style of yoga that she teaches is challenging and sweet. Her sequencing allows not only the body to expand but also the mind because it’s challenged. In all parts of the practice we lead with the heart allowing the body and heart to open.…


Yoga with Tara Young

Tara combines elements of Hatha, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar bringing it all back to the same goal… Meditation, consciousness, awareness…

She starts with a Vinyasa/Pranashama style and ads a mix of dance, tai chi and Qigong and she involves her masters certification in reiki to connect and heal. She has a reputation for being very motivational and moving and a lot of empowerment is gained in her classes.


Yoga with Shipra Saraogi

Shipra combines elements of Hatha Vinyasa Flow with elements of Tai chi, Bhratnatyam and Contemporary dance into her practice Yogea.

Yogea has elements of Tai chi, Bharatnatyam, Kalari, Chhau and Modern dance, apart from the regular Pranayama and asana practice. The base philosophy is Yoga integrated with other esoteric phiosophies (Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Hermeticism etc). I know Sanskrit well therefore I put in Bhakti yoga too. I would also like to offere Marma therapy, Reflexology towards the end.



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