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Walter Hartman – 5 Element Qi Gong
The simple movements of this ancient energy practices and exercises related to Tai Chi and Kung Fu make you feel great and have amazing healing properties. Qi Gong assists with sleep and relaxation, it invigorates, helps to manage stress, increases productivity, balances emotions and strengthens organ systems. Five types of movements to open up space in the body, the cells, get Chi flowing and a wellness system that is highly beneficial for health and healing.

10am -
Sean Zigmund and Cheyenne Miller – Farming using Permaculture Techniques
Root ‘N Roost Farm uses a permaculture-based approach to growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, and mushrooms using only human and animal power, and natural cycles and rhythms. Permaculture is a design-based methodology that encompasses three core tenets: Care of the earth, Care of people, and Return of surplus.

Entering New Realities with Alan Steinfeld
There is a process happening on planet Earth of expanding our consciousness.  This workshop will be an activation of our energetic body and the energy centers that guide us on this journey through the earth plane.  As we can gain greater awareness we access more of our 5th dimensional reality.  This will totally change who and what we are as a human civilization.  Bio: Alan Steinfeld has been investigating new modes of perception for the past 15 years.  His webcasts of New Realities has put him at the forefront a personal and cultural transformation. His research is contained on his website:

Multidimensional Transformation with Masha Levina
Multidimensional Transformation is a system of healing that explores a new way of looking at our experience of life. This system views consciousness as a primary source of everything. According to modern science, everything in this world, from thought to atom, exists in a state of vibration.  Masha will do a group collective healing for all those present.    Bio: Masha Levina has studied and practiced many modalities of healing arts, including Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Response Testingsm, TBM, Tong Ren, PSYCH-K® and Matrix Energetics®. As she gained an understanding of the primary role of consciousness in everything, Masha started to integrate and blend different modalities, accessing and applying information directly from and to the Field, without touching people or performing any specific techniques, while producing tangible and desirable results.

Andrew M. Gaines - RasaBoxes: Sacred Archetypal Mastery through Embodied Play
Andrew will guide us into his adaptation of RasaBoxes, a portal for playful connection, profound insight, and divine expansion.  After a physical warm up, you will jump onto a life-sized game board containing universal roles of both gold and shadow.  Our journey will teach us how to harness the energy of these roles for strength, resume control when we slip into their unconscious patterns, and integrate their wisdom into our lives.

2:30pm – Alex and Allyson Main stage

4:00pm -Panel on The Future of Festivals with Phil Lindsey, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alex & Allyson, Fantuzzi, Natasha Blank and MAYBE – Michael Lang organizer of the great Woodstock Festival

Luba Saraswati Evans – Sacred Partnership Puja For Singles on the Spiritual Path
In this safe, deep and magical space we go through a series of creative heart opening practices and get to know each other on many levels. Even if you are in doubt and do not know what to expect… Once you step into our magical circle, your soul will light up! You will see, feel and hear the song that is your own. You will show up in your brightest light.

Daniel Kaiya Shedd – Unlocking the Chakra Keys, Wildflower Fire -
I will gather folks with intential meditation and then do readings on individuals in front of everyone. I work with the prominent shifts available, which is often the worst problem they’re handling. Offer insight on why it’s there, how to shift and how to maintain a new attunement.   The wild flower fire 12 chakra system originates in Egypt. The revolutionary world spirit taking hold there triggered the Occupy uprisings in America, and will soon return here to activate and inspire millions to demand a better life in society.

Jeremy Lubman: Qi Gong
New York, New York 646-286-2116
not yet on website. his pic and bio submitted via “application,” some months back.

Wendy Eden  - A LIFEFORCE NUTRITION PRIMER , ” Urban Mother Nature ” shares her tricks and treats for wellness, anti-aging, and beauty. A primer for optimum digestion , maximizing nutrition, super food fantasies and foraging the natural marketplace. SPOMSORED BY SUNWARRIOR , ” Transforming the Planet One Warrior At a A Time ” .

Layla Martin-  Heart Meditations – Tantric Heart Connection  - Explore energy and intimacy with a partner – gently drop into vulnerability through the heart. (Bring a partner or work with another single at the workshop – intimacy building communication exercises, heart meditations and transfigurations.)

Daniel Pinchbeck – Evolving Community
Daniel is the author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006) and Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism (Broadway Books, 2002). His articles have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Wired, The Village Voice, LA Weekly, ArtForum, Arthur, and many other publications. He is currently the editorial director of Reality Sandwich and a national columnist for Conscious Choice magazine. He is also the executive producer of the PostModernTimes series of interviews, directed by Joao Amorim, and is featured in Amorim’s upcoming documentary, 2012: Time for Change. He lives in New York City.

Laurelle Rethke-   Connecting with Crystals
Experience connecting your subtle energies to the subtle energies of the stones, learn to identify various stones, to intuit which crystals provide which energies, and get some basic scientific reasons for why the stones work and which stones will work for which issues. This class is also a natural color & energy healing experience.

David Mumm- Creating Courage – Dissolving Fear, Anger & Stress
Learn about the neurophysiology of fear, anger, shame and stress and experience a rapid breakthrough method to dissolve them. This highly effective mind-body-spirit work makes it easier to live from your heart with:
Love, Gratitude, Calmness, Joy, Clarity & Forgiveness
Get rid of Anxiety, Have more Energy

Layla Martin – Tantric Dance through the 7 Layers of Reality,
Tantric Dance through the 7 Layers of Reality – Move your body and allow a deep unification of inner energies through your primal, sexual, powerful, loving, cosmic, meditative and totally divine self. (Using inner meditation of allowing the inner masculine and feminine to make love, and opening the body through each energy center – participants dance both alone and in the group to express and allow energy through the entire being.

Eco – Zikr— Divine Remembrance
Zikr (dhikr) is the mudra practice for ‘cutting through the veil’ of illusions and asserting One’s Divine providence. In the Sufi tradition, there is no Sin, except Forgetfulness, where most moral mistakes arise from this confusion that we are not all in fact ONE BEING. Zikr is a simple seated practice with traditional forms which can be customized to suit and reinforce any practice or belief structure. Although the form is easy to learn, the ecstatic opportunities are nearly endless.


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