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Minimal Yoga with Ashley Taylor


Minimal Yoga refers to the light ambient beats of electronic house music that correspond to the energy currents we generate through this yoga practice. This class will help you attune to the ever-present subtle energy body. By going inward and practicing compassion for your body, you can discover what yearns to be expressed.

This class is accessible to yogi/yoginis of all levels. For newcomers to yoga, you will be able to appreciate the practice of yoga without feeling like a beginner. For those with a strong, rigorous practice, this class encourages a deeper awareness of the poses and their effects on the body. The community we create in class will help us learn from each other no matter the familiarity with technique.

This class is especially friendly to those with previous injuries or issues with pain. I have had 2 major spinal surgeries, so I understand the importance of assistance and modifications in yoga. Please don’t shy away from the practice because you are afraid of your physical limitations! Our limitations are our best teachers as we develop a better relationship with our body and mind.

The class will be around 90 minutes, including meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises). We will also incorporate Kriya yoga into the practice. Through the repetition of movement and mantra, Kriyas allow us to enter into a higher state of consciousness. They are excellent exercises for transforming habitual patterns, insecurity, and negativity.

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