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Eart Vibration Movement & Dance


Kate Hess (Indigo Chyld) offers an experiential movement/dance workshop for all. “Information is motion. Motion is information.  Let’s get rooted like our Mother Earth…Let’s seep our feet into the ground like tree roots and allow our blood to flow like tributaries of energetic love potion streams beneath us, through us…and around our auric bodies…Let’s ignite our chi as we move mountains inside our wombs…circulating rhythmic fire in our bellies…”
Kate is a trained dancer/poet/singer with a background in experimental theatre and choreography. She is gifted in using intuitive primal movement and dance as a vital form of communication, which we all have the ability to tap into. Her desire is to assist others in finding their own voice through movement, as a tool for healing and transformation.
Background: Her dance/movement training includes contemporary, modern, african, hip hop, vogue, gaga technique (israel), contact improvisation, ballet, and yoga. Her acting training has culminated movement work, centering and grounding techniques, improvisational exercises, self exploration and creative expression, listening and observing, breath and voice work; including the Kristin Linklater Technique. She has some experience with other mind/body modalities including Tai Chi, Qigong, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and Butoh.
“Our breath is movement metaphorically and physically.  Motion allows us to move forward and sift through stuck remnants.
In this workshop we will practice grounding techniques, mostly geared toward the abdominals (our center) and the integration of the root and 2nd chakra. We will move from that place…We will allow energy to flow through us and out as we become vessels to the higher cosmic mind.  We will learn some basic choreography geared toward freeing our soul, and also play with some improvisation….We will dance freely igniting the flames within us, exploding a new vibration into the satin sky…
We are all dancers because we all have Spirits…We can Move…We are all ALIVE…!”
Drummers welcome!
Video footage:

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