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Contact Improv: Movement Meditation


Contact Improvisation is a movement form where 2 or more bodies come together and move while staying in touch. The key is tuning into the moment, tracking the shared point of contact, and playing with giving and receiving weight. It can be fast or slow, high or low, acrobatic or sensual, depending on the energy of each mover.

Glenn Smith started exploring contact improvisation in northern California in 1998, and has continued to dive into this wide-open form through classes, workshops, and jams on the west and east coast. Glenn has taught classes in Santa Cruz, CA (where he hosted the weekly jam for several years), in Cambria, CA, and also at festivals in CA and Oregon. Glenn considers contact improvisation to be one of the most fascinating areas of human evolution – it is a new way to play, and has been an expansive and healing form for many.

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