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Yoga-Inspired Playshop with Christopher and Lee

ChrisLeeBioPicWebYUM! Because Om is so pre-2012! Join Christopher Ananda and Lee Welles as they lead you through a creative playground of music and movement.

Christopher and Lee also offer Wellness, yoga, stress-management and relaxation exercises in the workplace, conference room, and on corporate retreats

Utilizing yoga poses, partner tricks, group play dance and sense relaxation, they will take you to the unshakable happy that resides within.

The playshop opens with easy to remember take-home energy boosters, flows into easy yoga movements to establish connection within the self, and moves into partner and group movement and play that foster a sense of fun and connection to ‘other.’ Participants will then be taken on imagination-fueled, restorative journey of sense relaxation. This playshop is rejuvenating to the body, soul and funny bone.

This playshop geared towards adults, though older children and teens are certainly welcome. It accommodates all levels of skill, physical ability, body types and age groups.

Instructor Bios:

Personal & Professional Bios: Lee Welles spent 21 years in the health and fitness industry. Lee was an instructor, trainer, and manager of several Southern California health clubs before relocating to Corning, NY and starting her company, MARS Fitness Services. She wrote the weekly column, “Real Wellness,” for three Gannett papers, was featured weekly on NBC Affiliate, WETM, and helped design and implement Corning Incorporated’s nationwide fitness benefit. Now the award-winning author of the Gaia Girls Book Series, Ms. Welles speaks on the dynamic interplay of  personal and planetary wellness, provides corporate mind/body wellness services, and teaches an innovative, vinyasa yoga-based class, “Strong, Stretched & Centered,” at 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning, NY.

Christopher was seriously studying yoga for 15 years before getting sidetracked by a big dose of happy.  He has explored, loved and learned from many of the active forms of yoga such as Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kripalu and Ashtanga Yoga.  More recently he has been drawn to the meditative roots of yoga, and added effective breathwork, meditation, and relaxation techniques to his practice.  Together, the physical yoga, breathing practices and sweet meditations have helped him understand how to reduce stress, calm the mind, and offer the body and nervous system deep rest, and allow the smile within to rise up naturally.   Christopher has been teaching easy, accessible and fun forms of yoga, movement and meditation in yoga studios, gathering and events for the past 3 years.

Together, Christopher and Lee bring innovative and fun sessions and playshops to yoga dance parties, events, workplaces, schools and private settings; specializing in accessible experiences that anyone can participate in.

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Our mission is to bring the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to everyone in an easy, accessible, and playful way, wherever they are.

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