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Los Lotharios

Los Lotharios

Los Lotharios was formed spontaneously out of a collective need to create music with individuals who are complete equals, peers and dear friends.

Initially, Jim Riordan, Jack Daniel DeSantis and Cosmos Sunshine got together for an impromptu tribute show for departed friend, sometime band mate and musical guiding light, Jaik Miller, in March of 2012.
The camaraderie and musical chemistry onstage that night was palpable. It demanded that there be a follow up and the opportunity presented itself almost immediately in the form of an outdoor party/festival in Buck’s County, PA within a month of that initial event.

Here again, the hand of fate played a crucial roll. Michael Parrish was on the bill, which provided the perfect setting for him to join the three piece on stage that night. Michael and Cos had already formed a mutual admiration society and had been talking about getting together a project for a couple of years by the time that fateful evening rolled around. Here was their chance, and they took it.

The show was a smashing success and Michael raised the bar without ever having so much as heard most of the songs played, let alone rehearsed with the band.

From that time forward, the band has played a series of extremely successful shows, recorded an EP (to be released in July 2013), honed their sound and given rise to a writing partnership between Michael Parrish and Cosmos Sunshine that has already proven fruitful with songs such as “GPS” and “Unsafe World.”
They are truly a band of brothers. They have years of playing together in various combinations and share the types of experiences you can only gain through the process of living the rock ‘n’ roll life. Although the band has just passed the one year mark, the sound is that of veteran players experiencing the joy of making some of the best music of their lives.

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