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Gabriel Wolfchild & the White River Wolves

Gabriel Wolfchild-red door-630

Gabriel Wolfchild (1988) is an indie-folk singer-songwriter from Olympia Washington. In the poetic language of his lyrics he gives voice to the human condition, capturing emotions we have all experienced. Reminding us that even in dark moments, whatever you’re feeling, you never stand alone. Gabriel knows how to express the essence of life through his moving ballads: “From sad but soothing to catchy and confronting, but always deep and well-considered.” (Carlien Jeanne, singer-songwriter)
Born in North Carolina, raised in Seattle and Hawaii, he returned to the Northwest to finish college at Evergreen. But not before attending art school in Boston at MassArt, and the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. Through gestural figure sculpture in clay and bronze, Gabriel found a vehicle for conveying life’s spectrum of emotions.

His sculpture “Three Muses” won “Best Bronze in Show” at AAU’s juried Spring Exhibition in 2010.
Gabriel became known for spending his studio breaks playing guitar and singing in stairwells, developing his musical gifts as another outlet for his creative spirit. A wrenching heartbreak led Gabriel to leave the Bay Area headed for the Rainbow Gathering in Washington. He set off on the west coast summer festival trail, where he witnessed the powerful empathic connection a musician can have with an audience. When Gabriel crossed paths with the talented multi-instrumentalist Maesyn, he first experienced the magic of singing harmonies, beginning a fruitful collaboration leading to the new album, “A Cry to the Moon”.

During a silent moment in a redwood grove at Rainbow, the trees whispered his spirit-name: “Gabriel Wolfchild.” At the gathering, he saw the importance of community, and how music plays a vital role in bringing together people from different walks of life.

Destiny in the form of a car wreck marooned Gabriel in Olympia long enough to fall in love with Evergreen and the thriving Northwest music scene. He ended up in a poetry class, where he began to develop his songwriting skills. A well of creativity opened for Gabriel and he hasn’t put his guitar down since!

When not wandering solo, Wolfchild is accompanied by the White River Wolves. Part of this troupe of musicians is his brother Eli, a prodigy who creates soundscapes on a variety of instruments including mandolin, ukulele, and cajon. The amazing Maesyn, who is classically trained on violin and piano, and who spent many moons as the singer for the conscious west coast hip-hop band, The Luminaries, adds violin and backing vocals. Maesyn also flies solo with her own compositions and backing group (link). Whenever she’s in the US, Dutch singer-songwriter Carlien Jeanne supports the group with her harmonies, buoyant energy, and personal compositions (link). Wolfchild and Carlien just released a touching EP chronicling the ups and downs of long distance relationship entitled “The Shooting Stars Sessions.”

Wolfchild’s first studio album, “A Cry To The Moon” (link) has been enthusiastically embraced by listeners in the US and Europe. It led him to be ranked first on in Olympia, a week after it’s release. Fresh from exciting performances in festivals in Hawaii like Rebirth 2012 at Maui Sacred Earth Temple and Mystic Island Festival, he is ready to tour with Carlien Jeanne, and is looking forward to playing west coast festivals this summer.

“I feel the undeniable power that lies in words of the heart and I believe that it is through this channel that the world and all its differences can be brought together.”
-Gabriel Wolfchild

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